In-Person Indoor/Outdoor Service

Welcome back!! Below are the guidelines and rules for attendance. Please read them in their entirety and check back with us on this page for updates.

**Please remember that these guidelines and requirements have been set forth by the Virginia United Methodist Conference and we are required to observe them with consistency in order to help ensure the safety of our members and visitors. **

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Guidelines/Rules for Attendance
What to Expect for In-Person Service

Olive Branch UMC ministry for TAM Phrase 3

Worship Service, ministry event and church activities are as follows: Sunday worships in sanctuary the first Sunday of the month and in the pavilion (as weather permits)

UMM and UMW meetings (in-door)

Movie Night (in-door)

Sunday School (in-door or out-door)

Small group (quartet or duet) or solo will be organized for worship, hymnals and Bible will be sanitized and put back into the sanctuary for public use.

Date this plan will be implemented: 13 June 2021

I. Hygiene – we continue to provide sanitizer and helpful signage in common areas throughout the church building, and at the above-mentioned activities. Weekly sanitize high touch areas such as sanctuary and the fellowship hall, church offices, and the conference room. The safety measure carries out weekly.

II. Physical distancing – we continue to monitor proper physical distancing which is recommended at least 6 feet for indoors and outdoors activities.

III. Masks – although masks are no longer required for fully vaccinated persons indoors or outdoor. Masks will be required when physical distancing cannot be maintained. Individuals who want to continue to wear mask , even if they are fully vaccinated, are more than welcome to for as long as they deem necessary.

IV. Screening – The minimum standard rule applies, i.e., when sick, stay home. When attending church’s functions, self-check in at door with health acknowledgement poster before sign-in and entering the premise for worship service, Sunday School, and/or other activities.

V. Limited Exposure – 1. The total amount of time where groups are gathered indoors in any one gathering space will be maximum 2 hours (except for yard sale or bazaar type of fund-raising event may extend to 4 hours maximum) 2. The maximum number of people gathered in the sanctuary will be 35, 50 for the fellowship hall, 10 in the conference room, and 6 in the classrooms with proper distance measure with well-fitting masks.

VI. Ventilation – Maximum 6 exchanges per hour; open doors to let in outside air flow in when weather permits.