In-Person Indoor/Outdoor Service

Welcome back!! Below are the guidelines and rules for attendance. Please read them in their entirety and check back with us on this page for updates.

**Please remember that these guidelines and requirements have been set forth by the Virginia United Methodist Conference and we are required to observe them with consistency in order to help ensure the safety of our members and visitors. **

Virtual Bulletins

Online Bulletins are uploaded the Friday before every service, Click below on the icon to download your virtual bulletin. 

Guidelines/Rules for Attendance
What to Expect for In-Person Service


  • All those that want to attend in-person service at this time must register with the church in advance.  This can be done by calling the church office at 804-693-3754, emailing or using our online registration form.

  • Registration should be done by 12pm the Friday before the service so there can be adequate planning. 

  • Registration provides the church with a record that can be used to follow up if someone tests positive for COVID-19 so that proper contact tracing can take place. It also allows the church to survey the persons who attend an in-person service. 


Health Acknowledgement

  • Review your own health using the Health Acknowledgment Form and complete it online.

  • Also, participants can download the form above or use the fillable Health Acknowledgement Form that anyone can complete online: Failure to complete this form will result in denied access to the church property.

  • If you need help filling it our please call the church office.


Day of the Service

  • Before leaving to attend the limited in-person worship service, each attendee must: take his/her temperature. It must be less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit in order to attend worship.

  • If you are feeling ill, stay home.

  • Bring a face covering (mandatory), hand sanitizer (if you feel you need it), and gloves (if you feel you need them).


Service Logistics

  • We will be keeping it all as simple as possible.

  • Our in-person service will be a shortened version of our regular service due to the singing restriction (i.e. no congregational hymns will be sung).

  • Olive Branch will conduct outside services under the pavilion as outlined every other week.

  • Services will also be recorded and then posted after the service during the week.

  • Exit worship service to provide 6’ social distancing.

  • No hugging, handshakes, or personal contact.





  • When leaving the vehicle upon arrival at the church, make sure to abide by physical social distancing (stay 6 feet or more away from others).

  • If someone is parked beside you, wait for them to get out of their vehicle and wait for them to get 6 feet away.

  • Put face covering on before leaving the vehicle and keep it on until the participants are back in their vehicle.

  • Park so you can observe physical social distancing (stay 6 feet or more away from others) can be maintained as attendees travel between their vehicles and the outdoor worship space.



  • No childcare at this time during the in-person worship services. Babies can be in the lap of the relatives with mask on. Playgrounds will be closed.

  • The Trustee will develop a protocol for restrooms and determine how they will be cleaned between uses or if that is practical. Physical social distancing (stay 6 feet or more away from others) must be practiced.

  • Coming and Going: Ensure proper physical social distancing (stay 6 feet or more away from each other/vehicle) at all times.


Social Distancing dictates limits for attendance according to the federal and state-enforced capacity limits.  This means everyone must stay at least 6 feet away from each other during the service. Family members that have been together the entire time are not required to be 6 feet apart.

  • Cannot stress enough that if you are sick, stay home.

  • Everyone must wear a face covering the entire time in the service. If you cannot wear a face covering or you refuse to wear a face covering, you cannot attend in-person worship during Stage 2.


Seating for the Service

  • Attendees must sit 6 feet apart during the service.

  • Pew Seating: Everyone will sit as close to the aisle as possible at the end of each pew. There must be 6 feet between the people on each pew unless they are family members that have been together.

  • The pew in front of each person and the pew behind each person will be empty.

  • Wipe down all pews in the high touch areas after use.



  • The Church will send out the communication to members / congregants with the service times and the rules for attendance.  This will be done via our website and Facebook page. We will send out calls directing participants to go to these sources for detailed information. The calls will be limited explanation of rules and direction towards visiting our website or Facebook page. These guidelines can also be emailed out to congregants.

  • No bulletins will be given out at the service.  Digital material for services will be provided ahead of time, including bulletin on the websites.


Interaction with Volunteers and Clergy

  • There will not be any exchange of anything between members and guests and the clergy.

  • There will be no paper bulletins.

  • There will be no material in the pew racks or on the pews or seats.

  • Drop off your offering in the common basket near the door or in the offering plates provided.


Consistent Application

  • Olive Branch’s plan for the enforcement of these requirements as following all of the guidelines in TAM. This will help us to limit possible liabilities, and not following the guidelines may open the church up to more liability.


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